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Who we are?

In 4 words, we are…


The team was born by a passion. The passion for a sport in which we believe needed to be promoted and we, as players, decided to take action and bring that game to a whole new level. We all walk the same direction with the same goal in mind: promote paintball and contribute to the development of the sport.


We are fierce players and we love competition. We play fair, we play hard but we play fundamentally for the fun of it! We are ready to take challenges and we never give up. If you would like to confront us or play amongst us, just book an event and we’ll be glad to meet you on the battlefield.


If you meet one of us outside the field, waiting for the next round, you’ll probably realize we are very friendly people. We like new friends and we like to meet other teams because, you know… we like to find new targets to cover in paint!


On the field, we play as a team, with friends, but most importantly, we play as brothers. For us, this is more than a game, it’s war out there. Your playground is our battlefield, and we stay on the battlefield till the end, no matter what.

Our story

How doest it all started

People generally tend to loose focus on some of the most important things life as to offer like family, friend and values. Paintball teams offer us a chance to extend our families and compete as a team while having fun. When we first started, we were only 4 guys, having the same passion for paintball, playing here and there in some events just to have fun together.

In 2011, during the Tippmann Challenge an international event taking place here in the province of Quebec, we met other players who had created their own groups, all players had the same clothing and similar equipment. For us it was very impressive, it really inspired us to build our own team.

One week later we were working on a logo. After many efforts and one thing leading to another, in January 2012 we had created a website, our logo was placed there and we had establish our own dress code and the UGS team was official.

Later that year you should have seen us during the next Tippmann Challenge we were rocking the place. Then we went on and attended several other events like the D-Day in Trois-Rivière, QC. You can meet most of our players practicing at A.S.A. Paintball City, Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu, QC.

Starting point in 2011